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We often we lead ourselves to believe, we have 2 options in life:

That YOLO Life

We only get one chance to live right? Why be held back and tied down by all of these rules and restrictions? We should get to have what we want, go where we want and experience all the joys life has to offer.

Yet, you find yourself with credit card debt, no money in the bank and no savings when an emergency hits.

This is not truly living your best life if you're stressed over money and strapped for cash.

That Well-Planned Life

  • After you retire, then you'll travel.
  • Once the debt is paid off, then you can go out more.
  • You'll start your own business once the kids go to school.

It will be easier then. You'll be able to afford it then. Someday...but friend, someday might not come.

"Pile up enough tomorrow's and you'll find you've collected a lot of empty yesterdays." -Professor Harold Hill (The Music Man)

You want more money to live the life you dream of, but all the budgeting gurus make it sound so friggin' awful.

This was a feeling I knew all too well. And truthfully still feel. What if I told you you could improve your financial destiny while living your life with less stress right now? The best part is...

  • You don't have to live on rice and beans
  • You won't put all of your hard-earned money toward debt
  • Clipping coupons and taking fast showers will never be recommended to help save money
  • You can still pop in the local gourmet coffee house as often as you want!

So if you're wondering if there is actual balance between financial freedom and still enjoying the occasional latte?

Answer: HECK. YES!

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 Pinching pennies to save money is like eating dry salad trying to lose weight -- neither one is going to last long.

I mean, sure, you can learn all of the best ways to clip coupons, save money and dumpster dive for leftovers -- you'll save money that way and maybe even wind up being a full-blown millionaire. But, my guess is you're gonna have a lot of lonely days. I mean, I've watched Extreme Cheapskates...houseguests don't like eating your dumpster-dived cheesecake. Even if you're loaded.

This concept is the same as you trying to eat only kale to lose weight. You're going to lose weight but you're also going to be moping in the corner during the neighborhood barbecue. And you'll probably be in a constant-state of hangry.

Find balance in a spending plan.

Instead of laying down strict rules that leave you feeling stressed and strapped for cash, you can build a healthy spending plan that still allows you the ability to save money and pay off debt.

My family knew there had to be balance between healthy money management and living your life. That's why we created The Bucket List Budget spending plan.

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What is The Bucket List Budget?

The Bucket List Budget is a spending plan I created for my family that has allowed us to pay off debt, amplify our savings and travel the country.

How is The Bucket List Budget different from other budget plans?

Let's keep it simple, The Bucket List Budget stands out from other financial courses because:

  • It is designed to put you first (not your money).
  • You are encouraged to enjoy spending.
  • There is no focus put on small wins like coupons, rebate apps, or clearance shopping -- we only want big needle movers here!
  • This is strictly a no spread-sheet plan! Because constantly tracking your numbers can quickly turn into a negative obsession.
  • It's a proven, sustainable spending plan.

This is the exact method our family has used to create true financial freedom in our lives and it's all broken down into a 3 step plan.

 The 3 Check Marks to Bucket List Freedom

There are 3 steps you need to take to get you to your Bucket List Budget goals.

  1. Define Your Bucket List
  2. Maximize Your Cash
  3. Build Wealth and Spending Health

Freedom from money is way easier than we've been lead to believe and now is your chance to actually figure this thang out!

But the thing is, if you're looking for some quick fixes that don't require a little're not gonna find it. Not here, not anywhere. 

If you keep scouring the Internet searching for answers that tell you the secret winning lottery numbers, I hate to break it to ya, but you're not gonna find 'em. 

Hey there, I'm Renee!

In 2013 all my dreams came true. We got the big, beautiful house, I finally had my in-home photography studio and my wardrobe was fully stocked with heels in literally every color of the rainbow. Except purple. Not a fan.

Anyway, about 6 months into living our dream life, I started to sucked.

We never got to leave our house, all of our money went to maintaining this lifestyle that was (let's face it) mostly designed to impress other people.

So we made a list of the things we wanted:

  • A good marriage
  • More travel with our kids
  • Less time CLEANING!!!

Then we busted our asses to make our money help us achieve these goals.

But somewhere along the way we turned into major cheapskates. There was constant stress around money (even more than when we were flat broke).

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I quickly realized pinching pennies and obsessing over spending was almost more stressful than constantly seeing $0 in the bank month after month.

So, I created a solution. A balanced solution that has allowed us to spend money, become debt free, add to retirement funds and have a little nest egg in the bank. Oh, plus, we take vacations -- as often as possible!

What Bucket Listers are saying:

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I really loved it! The course offers a unique perspective on budgeting that really connects with people who have struggled in the past with “traditional budgeting” & includes actionable tips to help set them up for quick wins! - @centsandpurpose

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The course was phenomenal! I really appreciated how you connect the dots between budgeting and big picture, 'bucket list' goals. That really resonated with me because I totally don't think of these things! - @millionairebynextyear

The Bonus Bundle!

When you join the course now, you'll also get 2 yummy bonuses to help welcome you to your new life of financial freedom!

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Bucket List Buddies

As soon as you sign up, you'll get an official invite to the exclusive Bucket Listers Facebook group!

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Audio Downloads

Barely have time to sit? Yeah, me either! That's why you can listen to every lesson on the go!

Every day you spend stressing over money is a day of your life you've missed out on!

I've lost a lot of people in my life. Before the age of 33, I attended funerals for 2 dads. Yeah, two! I held my grandma's hand as she took her final breath, and lost friends at the age of 19 ... and it has all taught me one thing:

Life. is. non-renewable.

You do not get back the days that you let pass you by.

This doesn't mean you just start charging everything so you can soak up experiences. That mentality leads to some pretty broke and stressed 65 year olds who don't get to retire...ever.

It means you make the decision to do something right now!

You choose a better life for yourself right now, in this moment and become determined to never be a slave to money. Because money has no more power than the power you give it.

So let's do this, let's take control...finally!



What you're getting:

Your Total Value Package

The Bucket List Budget

  • One on one life coaching: $1,000+
  • Expert financial spending analysis:  $300
  • Maximizing your current income:  unlimited potential
  • Professionally built spending plan and automated budget system  $300 
  • Total guide to paying off debt -- and paying back LESS! $500
  • Guided maintenance and financial upkeep strategies  $300
  • BONUS! Access to the Bucket Listers Facebook community  $100

  • BONUS: Audio downloads of every lesson so you can listen no matter where you are! $200

Total Value: $2,700

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