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OK! I'm in!

Right now life feels a little uncertain.

  • You've made 800 trips to the grocery store in the last 2 weeks
  • Toilet paper has become like tissue gold
  • You're praying you won't fail your kids because you don't understand how to help them with math 
  • And on top if it all...there are very real fears that keep popping in your head and money is a big one

Friend, you are not alone and ... there is good news.

Right now, believe it or not, you are being given an amazing opportunity. An opportunity to reassess everything in your life.

Start by asking yourself these questions...

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5 Quarantine Questions:

  • Have I been living life the way I planned do for 2020?
  • What items on my personal Bucket List do I keep pushing off?
  • Is there a trip or vacation that I regret not planning?
  • Who do I wish I would have made more time to see?
  • Does my social media feed depict the life I want to live?

These questions might seem silly or even shallow...but the hard truth is life has been put on hold. Which means it's a great time to evaluate how you were living it before it got put on pause.

Because there will be a time when life returns to normal. Do you want to get back to "normal" or do you want to get ahead of the game starting right now with my 5 Check Marks to Bucket List Freedom?


The 5 Check Marks to Bucket List Freedom

One thing most people don't realize is just how big of an impact their finances make on them not checking things off their Bucket List.

  • "I'll take the trip when I get the promotion."
  • "I'll travel after I retire."
  • "I can't afford to visit Grandma right now."
  • "We can't do date nights because we'd have to pay a sitter."

If you have said these things. You know your messy money situation has been holding you back, I want to give you a sneak peek into the 5 Check Marks to Bucket List Freedom:

  1. Get clear about your goals
  2. Locate your starting point
  3. Maximize your money
  4. Build a Bucket List spending plan
  5. Live your Bucket List Life

Freedom from money is way easier than we've been lead to believe and now is your chance to actually figure this thang out!

Don't play victim to your current situation.

There are two kinds of people right now.

  1. People who wearing sweatpants and taking full advantage of their Netflix memberships.
  2. People who are in hard-core planning mode determined to come out of this stronger, wealthier and with a new appreciation for the life they've been given

In any dramatic action movie there are the people who panic and inevitably end up being eaten by a dinosaur OR the heroes who formulate a plan to survive and thrive.

The Survive and Thrive Sale Offers:

  • The entire Bucket List Budget course at at $200 discount!
  • Access to the VIP Bucket Listers Facebook group
  • All Bucket List Budget bonuses
  • AND ADDED BONUS: Covid-19 Survival Pack!! <--

This survival pack will guide you through how you can actually improve your financial situation while you're in quarantine! You'll learn how to:

  • Maximize your current income
  • Take advantage of Covid-19 debt assistance options
  • Learn how to get paid to save more money!

Like I sad...quarantine is half time...and you are being offered all the tools you need to win this second half! Are you ready to do this thang?!


What Bucket Listers are saying:

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I really loved it! The course offers a unique perspective on budgeting that really connects with people who have struggled in the past with “traditional budgeting” & includes actionable tips to help set them up for quick wins! - @centsandpurpose

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The course was phenomenal! I really appreciated how you connect the dots between budgeting and big picture, 'bucket list' goals. That really resonated with me because I totally don't think of these things! - @millionairebynextyear

Covid-19 Survival Pack Money Savers!

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Hey there, I'm Renee!

In 2015 my family and I found ourselves in the middle of pure chaos. And unfortunately, most of it we created ourselves.

  • We bought a house that was too big and too expensive.
  • We failed to manage our money the right way for years.
  • Our marriage was falling apart.
  • My dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
  • Then, our son fell ill.

Life was crappy. It was scary. And it felt hopeless.

Instead of accepting our fate, we rolled up our sleeves and refused to settle. 

We learned how to build wealth -- and realized it was way easier than we thought. We planned for a life of travel and togetherness instead of working for a paycheck!

I have seen too many people fall victim to believing that life has to be run on a hamster wheel. 

It is my mission to show others that true freedom from the wheel is actually possible. You can run the race and actually get somewhere -- and even ENJOY the process!

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Um, I have a Question...

If you are anything like me, you're going... "Ok, but wait...I have 8,000 questions."

I don' have 8,000 answers, but I did take the time to answer the questions I know I would have so let's dive into those. Hopefully that helps you out a little bit.

Did I forget to mention these  4 ahhhmazing bonuses!?

When you make the choice today to snag The Bucket List Budget you'll also get 4 bonuses to help make life even easier!

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Lifetime Access!

There are always newer and better ways to do things. If we know one thing it's that the world is ever-changing. Good news is, you get to change with it! If you join today, you will get grandfathered in to lifetime access of The Bucket List Budget and all of it's upgrades!

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Audio Downloads

Are you a crazy, busy human being? No worries! Keep going with The Bucket List Budget no matter where you are or what you're doing! Learn better financial management at the gym, in the car or on the go with digital downloads of every single module!

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The Budget Bundle

Keep all of your finances organized, together and crazy simple with The Budget Bundle. This Bundle has been purchased hundreds of times to help people simplify their budgets, get out of debt and make saving money more exciting!

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Covid-19 Survival Pack

Get the most important lessons from The Bucket List Budget that can help you specifically strategize to financial thrive through this pandemic. Plus, 2 new bonus sections on saving money and reducing your debt.

The Bucket List Budget Guarantee:

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A Customized Budget Plan

Most financial coaches will charge you thousands of dollars to work one on one. While this is definitely worth your time and money, not everyone can flip the bill for high-priced coaching! With this Course you get the knowledge of a coach and the tools to help you draft a budget on your own terms.

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Total Freedom

Financial freedom is amazing, but this course takes it a step further. You'll learn to gain freedom from expectations, freedom from limiting thoughts and freedom from negative spending habits. Best of all, gain total freedom and control of your life and learn to use your money as a tool to make it all happen!

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Budget Buddies

We are a community of Bucket Listers. Once you've signed up for the course, you'll get access to the private Facebook group filled with other people hoping to take back their lives just like you. Get guidance and support along your journey. And be sure to share your wins along the way so we can cheer each other on!

Still feeling a little nervous??

I know that making a financial commitment can be a scary thing and sometimes it's nice to know you have a backup plan (like an "emergency phone call" on a blind date). That's why I've added the:

30 Day Money Back Pinkie Promise

  • Take the course
  • Implement the steps
  • If it doesn't work, request your money back within 30 days
OK! Let's do this!

What you're getting:

The Bucket List Budget

Survive and Thrive Bundle!

  • One on one life coaching: $1,000+
  • Expert financial spending analysis:  $300
  • Maximizing your current income:  unlimited potential
  • Professionally built spending plan and automated budget system  $300 
  • Guided maintenance and financial upkeep strategies  $300
  • Access to the Bucket Listers Facebook community  $100

  • BONUS Lifetime access to the course and all future upgrades and improvements!$1,000
  • BONUS: Snag the Fun Sized Budget Bundle and guide to help you stay completely on top of your finances. $15

  • BONUS: Get audio downloads of every lesson so you can listen no matter where you are! $200

  • BONUS: Covid-19 Survival Pack -- get the exact steps to take right now to help you survive and thrive during this pandemic!

Total Value: $3,215

Your Cost: $297

Survive and Thrive Sale: $97

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