If we haven't met yet...

You know those people who don't know how to make small talk? The ones who will happily tell your their entire life story and ask you about yours? Yeah, that's me.

 So let's cut the chit-chat and get to the good stuff..

I'm, Renee!


As a kid in school, I never knew how to draw my family tree. Instead of just one, solid trunk, it was more like several trees with interweaving branches.

I lost a dad to addiction. Had entire families taken away from me in a matter of seconds. Went from one stepdad to another...

I often wondered why I had to go through so much heartache and loss at such a young age. 

Then I met a man who was raising 2 girls and their family trees were just as tangled as mine. I found my forever family in them and added 2 more crazy kids to the mix.

Together we have learned to navigate blended family life, and heal our past wounds.

In 2015 this "dream family" we had created started slipping away because of financial struggles.

Together we downsized our house, paid off our debts and have been working to live a life of alignment with who we are called to be.

The biggest lesson life has taught me is that a life out of alignment with your highest self, and a bigger purpose will always leave you unhappy, disconnected, and incomplete.

I don't want that for me or my family and I sure as hell don't want it for you either!



So what's the deal with coaching?


So many of us spend our lives trying to live up to the expectations of other people or society in general and when this happens, we lose that inner connection with ourselves.

You see, we all have an inner guidance system, but it can be really hard to hear above the noise of our parents, our past, our thoughts, social media, and the hustle of daily life.

One-on-one coaching allows you to get quiet, connected, and inspired.

Now, let's be clear... I do not believe I have all of the answers to YOUR life.

You have all the answers you need and with one on one coaching, we will work together to uncover what they are.

One on one coaching includes:

  • 90 minute bi-weekly coaching calls
  • 24/5 text access to me
  • Discounted rates on group coaching
  • Access to all my online courses
  • A free spot in my online trainings
  • Bi-weekly coaching notes to help you stay on track

Massive growth is hard

One thing that no one really tells you about making major changes in your life and deciding to step into your purpose is that this usually means leaving some of the old parts of your life behind.

This can be such a good, healing thing in many ways, but it can also leave you feeling crazy lonely.

You want bigger and better so bad you can taste it, but your usual support system isn't really as reliable anymore.

Alignment coaching is designed to meet you at your new, higher level!

These one-on-one sessions will raise your energy, boost your confidence, help you get clear on your thoughts, and allow you to clarify clearly who you want to be, and then chart a plan for how to get there.


Client wins!

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